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complete boss rc 202 review

Hello! I've been a user of the Boss RC 202 Loop station for about two years now and I have become pretty familiar with it. Because of that I decided to make a complete tutorial of this loop station on my youtube channel. You find the video in the bottom of this blog post, but if you prefer to read instead you have the most important parts listed in this blog post.

The Boss RC 202

I really feel that this loop station is such a cool, neat, travel sized, awesome, easy to use and sleek piece of gear. It's my favourite gear in my studio because not only does it make me able to make live looping performances but it also is my best tool when writing new music. Since I'm alone in the studio at all times I need to find cool ways to being able to layer sounds on top of each other. I just really like this piece of gear!

Now let's get into the details! The Boss RC 202 loop station is a digital audio recorder with looping capabilities that allows users to record, layer and manipulate sound loops. It's a popular tool among musicians, sound artists and DJs looking to create and play around with sound in a creative way. One pro of the RC 202 is its user-friendly features including a pair of stereo tracks and a bunch of additional effects both before and after recording, built-in metronome and almost endless layering of tracks. It can be used as a stand alone looper but it also has audio outputs making it easy to connect to other audio equipment. There are many possibilities!

This is the backside of the Looper and here are all the jacks:

  • DC power supply

  • On and off switch

  • USB input to your computer

  • MIDI in and out

  • EXP input (foot switch)

  • Left and right stereo outputs

  • Quarter inch cable instrument input

  • XLR microphone input microphone

And yes you can even use a condenser microphone since this Looper offers phantom power.

Now let's get to the front of the Looper and here are all the features:

  • Mic level from the XLR input

  • Peak meter for volume level

  • Setup button/setup menu

  • Display of the Looper

  • Memory/write for saving down and deleting your saved tracks

  • Value knob

  • Effect level knobs

  • Input FX effects (manipulate sound before recording)

  • Track FX effects (manipulate sound after recording)

  • Metronome/tempo meter

  • Overdub function

  • Reverse

  • Undo/redo

  • Loop shot

  • Two stereo tracks with stop buttons

  • AUX input

  • Headphone jack

Now that you know all about the features, let's get to the hardware connection.

The DC power goes into the outlet with an adapter. The USB cable goes straight into your computer of your choice. The left and right outputs will be connected to anything that you want the sound to travel into. Me, I connect them to my left and right inputs in my Mackie Pro FX interface. That way, I can record my looping.

I connect my guitar in the quarter inch cable of the loop station. You can use any instrument using a quarter inch cable. The microphone goes to the XLR input. Since the RC 202 offers phantom power you can even use a condenser microphone if you prefer that. Me, I most often use my dynamic Beta 58A. If you are a guitarist like me you might also want to use a foot switch when looping. You plug the foot switch in the EXP jack.

One of the stand-up features for the RC 202 is that it has two stereo tracks. This is a blessing and a curse! When you only have two stereo channels you're gonna have to get creative and you're going to have to plan ahead a little bit when you create Loops. If you do that you can layer and use the track FX filters on top of that to get really creative and versatile with the sound. It's really all about practicing and experimenting.

Don't be fooled by the small design. It really packs a punch and it is a rugged design. It's a really travel friendly piece. Maybe you've heard of the RC 505 and RC 505 mk II? They are even better when it comes to technique and functions but they are way bigger.

If you have like small studio space the RC 202 is the perfect choise compared to the RC 505 series. So that's one thing to think about if you're about to buy one of these. It depends on what you are doing, what kind of environment you're in how much you travel.


+ Travel friendly

+ Easy to learn and use

+ Packed with pre and post effects

+ Sleek design

+ Durable and great quality

- Not battery powered

- Two stereo tracks can be limiting

- Small display

In conclusion this piece of gear is a great way to layer sounds and create live music on the go. It's perfect for traveling, a super fun and versatile tool for anyone that enjoys creating sound. It's also available in many countries around the world! If you are interested in buying this piece of here find it linked right here.

And remember with great live looping powers comes great responsibility.

Here is the full Youtube video!

Take care of yourself and keep practicing! <3



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