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mvnda debut single is out

yes. it's finally happening! the 21 of october I am dropping my debut single as a music producer! it's called sunrise and you find the single in all of the common streaming services. this has been my goal for many years. it feels huge to me since it's the first time ever i release music as an independent producer.

every release i've done before this has been as an artist or co-writer but this time i am responsible for every part of the production chain. writing, recording, producing, mixing and mastering. i have really put in a lot of work and passion to create a song that represents me and my story. sunrise is more pop than i usually write, but hey why hold back on the first release? my followers recognise me for ambience and sunrise will definitely deliver those ambient landscapes. but this time the ambience is packaged in a more radio friendly format - some call it dreampop (and i also love that genre name, it really feels like me).

this single release is definitely one of my biggest mile stones and one of many to come. to support my work you can pre save the song by clicking the link below:

pre-save link

except from the single release itself, i also decided to produce my own music video. said and done, i bought a camera to get that crisp quality, headed out into the deep woods and filmed scenes to take my visions i've had in my head for some time and bring them into life. the music video is part of the release and exclusive on the youtube-channel

friday october 21 is the date! i am full of love and excitement and feel really proud of my long journey. the truth is that it has only begun. this day goes into the story books and I can't wait to keep produce and develop my music.

to infinity and beyond!



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